Mighty Woman

When one comes across the word ‘Mighty’, one normally would think of Strength, Muscle, Size and tremendous Power. The same happened with me and then it occurred to me! Why do we have to relate just physical strength with the term ‘Might’? Why not use this word to describe the most beautiful creation of God – A Woman.

In what ways, can we prove how mighty a woman can be. Well, I think each and every moment in a woman’s life can be a portrayal of the immense strength she possesses.

  • It takes strength to keep your husband, your family, your children, your parents, your in-laws the topmost priority in your life and to make sure that you fulfil their needs and happiness before you even think of yourself.
  • A woman looks after the house and transforms it magically into a Home. It is not a day’s job, but rather a woman strives to make this happen every passing day of her life.
  • It is a known fact that women are more emotional and sensitive. But, these are the ammunition which gives her the courage to fight against anything that would even dare to hurt her loved ones.
  • Anger is often considered a sign of power. Just imagine, a woman who can stand for herself and her family without even the slightest outburst of Anger – this is a woman who must have so much fire inside her to keep her going!
  • And lastly, the most powerful weapon that a woman has is Love. This love can build or destroy entire dynasties, can push you forward and can pull you back towards her and this will help you grow but make you stick to the roots!

Pick up a day in a woman’s life, and I am sure you will constantly see glimpses of all the above qualities. This is what makes a woman mighty!

Please feel free to drop in your views 🙂

Thank you Mighty for making me think of such a wonderful thought!


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